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1. Can you tell me about your hometown?

  • Well, I would like to tell you I come from Can Duoc- a colossal and densely populated town which is in the vicinity of HCM city/ adjacent to HCM city. Fortunately, it’s endowed with a topographically distinct region which facilitates efficient agriculture. Therefore, when it comes to my hometown, NANG THOM RICE is the first thing that comes into people’s mind. It’s my hometown’s speciality and exported to almost countries in the world. The most unique characteristic is that local citizens are extremely hospitable, which makes a deep impression on anyone who passes through. Finally, my hometown is tranquil and less competitive than vibrant cities, so young people can live a cozy life. To summarize, my hometown is well-worth paying a visit.
  • Vung Tau/Nha Trang/Phan Thiet is rich in natural resources and has an enviable reputation for booming tourist attraction which becomes the main resources of local economic revenue and makes more profound contributions to my hometown’s development.

2. What do you like about your hometown?

First of all, I would have to say I have a particular fancy for the congenial atmosphere, the fresh air and the fervent lifestyle of the local residents. In addition, my hometown has an enviable reputation for NANG THOM RICE/ the magnificence of scenery and beaches, which makes me always enter into my spirit/ take pride in.

3. Is there anything you don’t like about your hometown?

  • Well, I HAVE A DEEP/GREAT AFFECTION FOR my hometown, but it has just one thing I’m not so keen on. Its transport system isn’t comprehensive and abounds with/in many winding streets, which makes me find it difficult to commute.
  • HCM city is one of highly cosmopolitan, commercial and affluent centres in Viet Nam, but it has notoriety for heavy traffic congestion, overpopulation, the environmental degradation and social evils which are serious health hazards to local people and have exerted considerable pressure on employment, infrastructure and public order.
  • Well, I HAVE A DEEP/GREAT AFFECTION FOR my hometown, but it seems monotonous because it is deficient in recreational zones, night life and infrastructure. As a result, I think, the bustling life in vibrant cities is congenial to / suitable for me.

4. Can you describe the local people in your hometown?

In the time-honoured way of thinking, people from the west of Vietnam are deemed warm-hearted, open-minded, diligent and hospitable, which makes a deep impression on anybody who passes through. They always treat visitors as their sons and daughters.

5. Does your hometown have any historical importance?

One of the vestiges in colonial past in my hometown is Nha Rong harbour where Uncle Ho went to France and found the way to emancipate our country.

6. What changes have taken place in your hometown?

There are profound transformations having occurred in my hometown. In some recent decades, it has altered from a sparsely populated area to a densely populated one, from a slow pace of life to a rapid acceleration in the economy, from a poor transport system to a comprehensive one. In short, the local people can enjoy a period of peace, great infrastructural development and prosperity.

7. If I visited your hometown, what would you advise me to go and see?

If you had an opportunity to pay a visit to my hometown, I would introduce you culinary art and cuisine as well as some breath-taking landscapes. Firstly, I bet you will be astonished by the immense areas of paddy fields and fruit orchards. Secondly, I make sure that you will go into ecstasies over the delicious taste of Banh Xeo- a perfect combination of cabbage, flour, shrimps and bean sprouts. To sum up, my hometown is well-worth paying a visit.

8. Would you like to move to another city?

Actually, I have a deep affection for my hometown, but its job opportunities are scarce, which makes me find challenging to get highly promoted. Therefore, I will consider moving to vibrant cities to boost my career prospects.

9. Would you recommend your hometown as a good place to live?

Well, if you are enthusiastic about a tranquil life without incessant noise like HCM city, I would recommend my hometown to you. Firstly, you can relish the beauty of immense paddy fields, rivers as well as the fervent character and simple lifestyle of local residents. Finally, low living costs will help you accumulate a huge amount of money and not be worried about your finance.

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